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Sex Offender Testing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Domestic Violence Offender Testing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Court Of Law

As a certified polygraph examiner for conducting post-conviction sex offender and domestic violence offender testing, G. G. POLYGRAPH INTERVIEW & COORDINATION SERVICES. LLC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, conducts confidential and ethical polygraphs.

Post Conviction Sex Offender & Domestic Violence Testing: We offer Sexual & Domestic Violence History, Instant Offense, Monitoring and Maintenance Examinations.

Our goal is to utilize Post Conviction Sex Offender and Domestic Violence Offender polygraph testing to prevent the convicted person from RE-OFFENDING, thus reducing the number of crimes committed against the innocent public.

P.C.S.O.T. are generally court ordered and are an essential part of the parole and probation process for individuals convicted of a sexual assault crime. All P.C.S.O.T. are confidential and can be administered on site because we provide all necessary equipment.

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