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Introducing H.A.R.M.

H.A.R.M. - applicant assessment tool; the Integrity & Honesty of the people you hire NOW, will financially or legally, impact your business/company in the FUTURE. Allow GG Polygraph, Interview and Coordination Services, help make that impact a POSITIVE one.

The Holden Applicant Reliability Measure (H.A.R.M.) is a 30 minute, 100 items true/false self-report online integrity test that assesses the job counterproductive behaviors, including Unauthorized Resource Usage, Interpersonal Conflict, Absenteeism, Drug or Alcohol use, Missing Deadlines, and Cultural Fit among others. The Marlowe-Crowne social desirability scale has been incorporated into the H.A.R.M. test and allows me, to identify for your business, the candidates who exaggerate or inflate their strengths and achievements, in an attempt to portray themselves as the right person for your job.


Affordable - The H.A.R.M. assessment tool can easily be added to any size business’s hiring process. Each test costs your company $60.00 per employee; this includes a comprehensive professional report. All test instructions will be explained, implemented and monitored at GG polygraph, interview, and Coordination offices, by our highly trained personnel, this will maintain quality control of all examinations.

Cost-Effective - The money your business WILL save in reduction of theft, turn over, legal issues and worker comp claims, etc., will far exceed the additional expense to incorporate H.A.R.M. into your hiring budget. Depending on your company’s’ size, studies show it takes $900 - $1700 to hire train and equip, one applicant. Don’t waste money on the wrong applicant.

H.A.R.M is a Legal and Non- Bias test - This test does not violate any U.S. employment laws, since it does not create an adverse impact on protected groups nor violate any provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Expertise: Administering and accurately conducting all types of extensive interviews and polygraphs. 10 years of experience in the pre-employment hiring process. Extensive training and knowledge in all aspects of the criminal investigations & parole/probation supervision of sexual assault and Domestic Violence offenders’ process.  

GG Polygraph, Interview and Coordination services is a well-established business since 2012. Owner: has 30 years of law enforcement experience as a senior gold badge, Pittsburgh Police Detective. Please contact us for more information and/or to schedule a presentation.